Saturday, 4 February 2017

L's Flash Fiction on Wattpad

One of my main resolutions this year is to write more. I have already added two more pieces of flash fiction to my Wattpad channel, After the rain and the Nothing Box, which means I now have eight pieces of flash fiction on there. Below is more information about my flash fiction with links to my reading list and my short written pieces.

L's Flash Fiction

My flash fiction works are all above 250 words and below 1000 words long. They centre around one character, one situation, one moment in time. I hope you find them interesting and stimulating.

After the rain (259 words)
Daydreaming on a rainy Sunday afternoon leads Jane on a wild flight of fancy.

The Watering Hole (371 words)
Candy is having a quiet drink with her boyfriend Syd in The Black Dog when she has a revelation about the future of rock'n'roll.

Debut (395 words)
Christine feels as if she's in a play; she is anyway.

Cheesecake (445 words)
Bridie is full of expectation for the benefits of a short break in 'Wesley's Health Centre', if only she can resist her own inner temptations.

The Bubble Man (453 words)
Julia is convinced that something out of this world is going on in her local park.

Magic (476 words)
While travelling home from work, one rainy afternoon, desolate Georgia finds that sometimes hope comes in small and surprising packages.

The Nothing Box (660 words)
Charlotte was an unusual girl, but I didn't realise how unusual until I visited her house and discovered the magic hidden inside a mysterious glass box.

Emily just needs a passport photo for a trip to NYC but the photobooth takes her on a far more unexpected journey.

I have added all my artwork for my stories and poems to my DeviantArt gallery which you can find here.

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