Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Mythic Muse

This poem by me and accompanying picture by Amy concerns Greek mythology.

The Mythic Muse by LJ Finnigan
Psyche opens a door for you
Echo reflects your surprise
Guinevere offers you her hand
Venus gazes into your eyes
Boreas calls and Ophelia falls
Helen awaits her destiny
Miranda creates a terrible storm
The Daeniads sob with futility

A fairy tale beauty softly sleeps
On Circe’s island we feast on dreams
Penelope faces reality
A doomed lady drifts downstream

Pandora lifts the lid on mischief
The water nymphs ebb and flow
The mermaid combs her luxurious hair
Persephone leads you below

Monday, 14 July 2014

Saint Mary's Art Exhibition

I took part in the St Mary's Church Art Exhibition on Saturday 12th July. I was really happy with the display of eleven of my pictures that they had created for me.
I have been contributing my arts and crafts to St Mary's Summer and Christmas fetes since 2010. This year I contributed the above three paintings and in previous years I have contributed the pictures below. Recently one of my pictures was sold and the money donated to the church.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Charity Coffee Morning at Northwood Hills URC

I took my craft stall to the charity coffee morning at the United Reformed Church in Northwood Hills on Saturday 5th July. There was a good crowd and a nice display from the Northwood Live at Home people and a lady who made cards. People were generously interested in 'ALF Creations @ the Star Heart Cafe'. One lady bought three of my books; Amy's story book, our poetry book and my song book. I also sold cards and lavender scenters. A little girl bought a mauve and gold gadget pouch, which she was very pleased with, which was very sweet. Mum and I had a nice time. I am aiming to rethink several items on my stall before I do more craft events.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Another Day, Another Place

I originally wrote my play 'Another Day, Another Place' when I was eighteen after experiencing a 'holiday of a lifetime'; a three week coach tour of central and southern Europe. I have updated and condensed the play into a seven minute video, which includes more countries in north, west and eastern Europe, that I visited in my late teens and early twenties. The play was really about self-discovery and the friendships, loves and break-ups experienced by the young people on the tour bus, rather than a great appreciation of the places we were visiting. The accompanying music is made up of two songs written by me when I was seventeen and eighteen 'I can see you' and 'Waiting for me'.