Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lorna's Songs on 8Tracks

Something I have been meaning to do for ages is to put eight of the best songs I have written on the 8Track Internet music channel. I have finally done that, you can find them here at . I hope you enjoy them, a little more about the tracks is written below.

'For what I am' was written after my first experience of work, trying to do a job I found particularly difficult.

'Stargazing' was my attempt at a space song. Sitting by the window and looking out at the night time sky was as far as I got.

'Island of Happiness' was inspired by a magazine article which recommended that the search for constant happiness was futile and we would do better to appreciate the islands of happiness we are fortunate to encounter along our way.

'Alive at last' was written after a dismal relationship break up. It was used in about 2005 at a friend's baptist church baptism.

'Jazz' is about a popular, beautiful college acquaintance I was particularly envious of.

'That far away look' is about a particularly romantic evening I enjoyed with my soon to be husband.

'Scorpio Eyes' is a mysterious astrologically inspired song.

'I can see you' was written when I was seventeen. It is about the scary business of falling in love for the first time.

Videos for these songs can be found on the LornaJHart YouTube channel.

Through the seasons features 'For what I am'
The Planets features 'Stargazing'
In the cafe features 'Island of Happiness'
On the ice features 'Alive at last'
Rainbow Ballet features 'Jazz'
The Tudors features 'That far away look'
Halloween Party 2 features 'Scorpio Eyes'
Another day, another place features 'I can see you' as well as 'Waiting for me'

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Feminine Virtues

I drew an A3 picture of a blonde, a brunette and a red head ages ago, when I was a teenager. I recently thought of developing the girls a bit more and started to think about what virtues they might represent. These are the virtues I think best suit them, the brunette is Modesty, the blonde is Kindness and the red-head is Patience, I've called them the feminine virtues.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hearts and Flowers

'Hearts and Flowers' is the sentimental violin or piano tune played in old black and white films at moments full of pathos like when Charlie Chaplin's character is at his saddest and most downtrodden. I recently rediscovered the joy of working with felt, it is very forgiving as it doesn't fray and have only recently learnt basic crochet. I enjoyed making these felt hearts and crochet flowers, but can see that they could benefit from further development.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Craft Stall Coming in March

Over Christmas and New Year I have been working on various crafts for a spring charity morning on the 21st March at the Eastcote URC. The morning is in aid of the Macular Society. My dad suffered from macular degeneration in the last few years of his life, so this cause is close to my heart.

I have been creating new sleeping angels, more gadget pouches and overhauling my cards and books, as well as developing my Star Heart Dolls. It should prove to be a busy day as Amy is performing in a Stagecoach production of Annie in the afternoon.