Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Temps

Before I had my daughter I was always doing evening classes; tap dancing, French, computer networking, yoga, all sorts. One class I attended was the WEA writing course in Northwood Hills, while there I managed to get one of my poems published in a Katabasis volume entitled 'Work'. The poem is called 'The Temps'. I was on a fixed term contract when I wrote it, but am now in a permanent post and much happier in my work.

The Temps by Lorna Finnigan

This place is like a railway station
So many people come and go
Some you vaguely recognise
Some you barely know
I suppose it's to remind us all
Just how brief our lives will be
It makes you feel quite desolate

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Xenophobia Magazine

I worked on Xenophobia in the 1980s in my teens. It was inspired by Smash Hits. My musical tastes at the time were New Romantic and Goth. Inside are features on Altered Images and Japan (the pop group), also art galleries and baroque influences. I made up two of my own groups, Beautiful Europeans and Bondage Strap, and also my own lyrics to imagined songs.