Saturday, 21 November 2015

Craft Stall at Eastcote URC

I was late for the charity coffee morning at Eastcote URC as I made the classic mistake of turning up at the worng church. When I eventually arrived at the right church, and after a very humble apology, the morning actually went rather well. The people were pleased to see me and interested in my crafts. I was pleased with the response to my new ALF Christmas cards, they nearly sold out! Also popular were my lavender scenters and my knitted gadget pouches. In the end I did well enough to give quite a generous donation to the Michael Sobel Hospice, so I think I went some way to redeem myself, even after such an inauspicious start. It has highlighted the fact that I must give some  more time and thought to my future crafting endeavours.



Saturday, 14 November 2015

Dancing Days

Dancing Days is inspired by The Red Shoes, the original story by Hans Christian Andersen, the Powell and Pressburger film starring Moira Shearer and the album and extended music video by Kate Bush. In the poem the dancer dances for the Gods and celestial bodies who represent the days of the week.

Monday is the moon's day
Tuesday is Tiu's day, God of War (like Mars)
Wednesday is Woden's day, God of the hunt and also Mercury, God of travel
Thursday is Thor's day, God of thunder
Friday is Freya's day, Goddess of love and beauty (like Venus)
Saturday is Saturn's day, Ruler of a happy, virtuous earth
Sunday is the sun's day

Monday, 9 November 2015

Back on 8Tracks

Two of my playlists weren't working on 8tracks so I had to go back and find more tracks for 'Music from the dawn of time' and 'Music collection'. I found a lovely version of 'My Funny Valentine' by George Kahn from 'Secrets from The Jazz Ghetto'. I'm really pleased a lot of people are listening to my songs and some people are liking them. You can find my 8tracks channel here.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Lorna on Wattpad

I joined Wattpad three months ago, but I remember at the time not being able to fathom it out very well. I was looking for a place to put my creative writing and my daughter's friend said she put writing up on Wattpad, so I felt this might be the place to aim for. Looking at the site anew it seemed to make a bit more sense and so I decided to take the plunge and upload one of my flash fiction pieces, it's called 'The Watering Hole' and you can find it here.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Christmas gifts for St. Mary's

I've been working on Christmas flavoured gifts in January and October this year and have come up with a small collection that I'm quite happy with and glad I have enough for a decent donation for the St. Mary's Christmas bazaar. Among the gifts are ALF christmas cards, Comfort and Joy star heart dolls, lavender baubles, knitted gift pouches and a variety of sleeping angels.