Monday, 30 January 2017

Wise Women's Words on WattPad

I am putting my short story, Wise Women's Words, on Wattpad, serialised in ten parts, starting with part one: Remember Me. Below are summaries of the whole story and also summaries of each part, which I will be posting in the coming days and weeks. I hope readers will enjoy the story.

Wise Women’s Words- story summaries by LJ Finnigan

Wise Women’s Words
After a mysterious attack on her way home from work, Sara turns to the Wise Women's Words group for solace. Can they help her to move on with her life?

Remember me
A disturbing incident happens on Sara’s way home from work. Her boyfriend, Steve, has trouble understanding her but maybe Sara will find solace in the Wise Women’s Words reading group.

Mr Jones
Sara joins the Wise Women’s Words reading group. Their discussion about Mr Jones by Edith Wharton encourages Sara to dwell further on her after-work ordeal.

The Bloody Chamber
Steve is growing increasingly frustrated with Sara’s continuing obsession with the after-work incident and her growing involvement with the Wise Women’s Words book club, who are now studying The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter.

The Last Séance
The Wise Women’s Words reading group travel to Torquay for an Agatha Christie weekend, where they discuss her spooky short story, ‘The Last Séance’. It is refreshing and rejuvenating, but back home, life with Steve is becoming increasingly uncomfortable.

The Blue Lenses
The members of the Wise Women’s Words reading group take on a more sinister significance when they study The Blue Lenses by Daphne Du Maurier.

Man Size in Marble
Sara turns down a WWW Christmas trip to Romney Marsh to study Man Size in Marble and other ghost stories by E. Nesbit. Instead she enjoys a cosy, familiar Christmas with Steve, as they attempt to strengthen their crumbling relationship.

Death and Co
Despite their best efforts, the inevitable end of Sara and Steve’s relationship is brought into the forefront when the Wise Women’s Words reading group study Death and Co by Sylvia Plath.

Daughters of the Late Colonel
A new life with WWW member Diana gets off to a comfortable start when the group study Daughters of the late Colonel by Katherine Mansfield.

 The Old Nurse’s Story
The painful memory of Steve lingers and Sara feels she cannot face another Saturday night book club meeting, studying The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell.

Remember Me
The Wise Women’s Words reading group are wondering whether to study the Bronte’s or Christina Rossetti. Sara contemplates joining them or facing a familiar ghost of her own making.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Tea and Poetry

'Tea and Poetry' was a specific SubVerse passivity; an extremely mild alternative to an activity. It was an interesting idea based on the notion that certain flavours of tea were well suited to certain flavours of poetry. These are the combinations I came up with.


Monday, 9 January 2017

An excursion into Instagram

I joined Instagram in 2016, primarily to help my daughter with her account details. I ended up with two accounts; no posts and no followers. I was thinking of joining Instagram anyway as some of my favourite bloggers seemed to have given up blogging and were on there instead. After several failed attempts to post to Instagram using my computer I decided to have a go at switching accounts on my daughter's phone and taking and posting pictures using that. I now have six photos on one account and one on another. I don't think I'll be a regular Instagram user for a number of reasons.

1. I prefer the computer to a smart phone; I can do more with it, create pictures, scan things, use the keyboard, I find it just bigger and better.

2. Instagram feels more exclusive and restrictive than blogging.

3. I have to be quite strict with myself not to get too caught up in a social media popularity contest that I have little hope of winning.

4. My priorities this year should be about what good I can do, not what new sites I can join.

5. I need to concentrate on thinking and working on more substantial projects.

It has been nice to catch up with what my favourite bloggers have been getting up to on Instagram and it has also been an incentive to seek out other bloggers who are still happy in the blogosphere. One of the pictures I put on Instagram was a picture of my three well used mobile gadgets that I am still fond of and still using; my digital camera, my mobile phone and my iShuffle. You can find Amilo Finn on Instagram here.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Lavender Baubles

I have been trying to come up with ideas for gifts and cards with a specific Christmas flavour for a number of years. I think I finally cracked it in January and October 2015. I think it was something to do with thinking about Christmas in these two months, a time near Christmas, but rather when it is a future thought or a recent memory, not when it is in full swing. After thinking of my four original Christmas cards I have been working on other festive ideas; ALF Christmas cards, colouring books, stickers, knitted gift bags and Christmas tree decorations. I was very pleased with my idea for lavender baubles which are based on my Christmas cards and feature four Christmas/winter plants and flowers; mistletoe, holly, poinsettia and hellebore.