Monday, 20 January 2014

Cafe Pictures

Over the years Amy and I have produced many pictures inspired by café culture; people in cafes, menus, café food and a variety of tea and coffee related paraphernalia. I looked through our café collection and chose five of my favourite pictures to feature on my blog banner. The first picture is from a drawing by Amy and the others are a pencil drawing, a painting, a digital collage and a more abstract design by me.

Saturday, 11 January 2014



A picture by Amy and a poem by me exploring solitude.

You know the feeling
When everything surrounds you
Yet nothing gets inside
When you cling to others
For a sense of community
To feel you belong
But then the solitude closes in
And you feel abandoned
In the middle of everything
With only two choices
To feel lonely and miserable
Or to be happy and alone

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Guide Recorder Tunes

I wrote these six Guide Recorder Tunes tutors when I was seven or eight. They each have their own theme. The first book is called 'Birds' and is mostly blue in colour. The birds featured are a hummingbird, a cuckoo, a seagull, an ostrich, an owl and the last song is called 'The sparrow and the hawk', it features these brief lyrics:

'The hawk he went on seeking, to seek among his prey,
The sparrow went on fighting, to live the long, long day.'

The second book is about the weather and has a yellow theme, the tunes here include Lady Snow, Sunny Days, Dancing Rain and the Wind. The third, orange flavoured book is about animals. I've chosen mostly gentle animals and the tunes here include 'The dance of the forest deer', 'Three little kittens' and 'The march of the dogs'. The fourth book has a purple theme and is about food. The tune titles are a bit more abstract and include 'March of the knives', 'Dance of the jelly wobbles' and 'Forky'. The fifth book is more sedate, it is about trees and is mostly green. the tunes here have more sensible titles like 'Over the treetops', 'The slender birch' and 'The hollow Scots pine'. The sixth and last book is the red book about toys. I think I must have written it around about Christmas as it includes the songs 'Presents' and 'In, through, down the chimney'. I had started learning the piano by the time I wrote book six, so included is a list of 'Musical Expression Marks' including Accents, Pauses, Crescendos and Decrescendos.