Friday, 26 September 2014

Music from the Movies

I have been practising hard for a concert next week in aid of the Northwick Park Hospital charity N-GHASaid. I am really getting into music from the movies at the moment and have compiled a mix of some of my favourite movie music on 8track. You can find it on my AmiloFinn 8Track channel at

Monday, 22 September 2014

Lavender Matrouskas

Last year I became fascinated by the Matrouska doll design. I have found and been inspired by various Matrouska themed craft dolls around the web so decided to design and create some of my own. I had originally intended them to be quite a bit bigger, but found, in practice, that a small lavender matrouska is much more practical and pleasing.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Pictures at an Exhibition

'A little girl and her mother visit a magical art gallery where pictures come to life and take you on fabulous adventures. 'Pictures at an Exhibition' is inspired by the work of Modest Mussorgsky.'

I developed the 'Pictures at an Exhibition' idea into a short illustrated story and a DVD film which I sell on my craft stall. The pictures the little girl, Grace, visits, include a lot of stories and pictures by Amy and are divided into different coloured rooms as follows.

In the Blue Room: The Planets, The Puzzle, Gone Swimming

In the Green Room: The Tudors, The Legend of the Dream Box, Phoenix

In the Red Room: Through the seasons, Snow White, In the Garden

Details about these individual short films and the short films themselves are available on the LornaJHart YouTube page and the Lorna Finnigan Facebook page.