Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lorna on Pinterest

I have joined Pinterest and started putting pictures of my dolls, illustrated poems and other artwork on various mood boards. I now have about a hundred pictures on there, spread over eight different mood boards.

Aspects of tea
Star Heart Dolls
Illustrated poems
Digital collage
Drama & Stories

I have found it a fun, enjoyable endeavour, please stop by and take a look at http://www.pinterest.com/lornafinnigan/

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Richard's Things

'Richard's Things' was inspired by the title of a book by Frederic Raphael. I have an old ex-library copy of the book, but find it quite a difficult read. I really enjoyed drawing the sketches for my accompanying video. They were mostly produced in one day, a day off from work spent indoors waiting for the gas man.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Wise Women's Words

In one of my stories, Deja Vu, the main character, Sara, joins the Wise Women's Words reading group. This is a selection of weird tales, stories and poems the group discuss throughout the story.
Mr Jones by Edith Wharton
The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter
The Last Séance by Agatha Christie
The Blue Lenses by Daphne Du Maurier
Man size in marble by E. Nesbit
Death and Co. by Sylvia Plath
Daughters of the late colonel by Katherine Mansfield
Goblin Market by Christina Rosetti
The old nurse's story by Elizabeth Gaskell
This is a selection of treasured books I have by some of the chosen authors. The illustrated edition of 'Classics of the Macabre' by Daphne du Maurier is my favourite. It includes 'Don't look now' and 'The Birds' as well as my favourite story 'The Blue lenses'. I have often thought how wonderful an illustrated edition of Angela Carter's 'The Bloody Chamber' would be.