Monday, 20 February 2017

Crafts for the Spring and Summer

I spent some time over the past week working on my crafts for a fair and a coffee morning coming up in April and June, one in South Ruislip and the other at Eastcote URC, which is in support of the London Churches' Refugee Fund. My Star Heart Dolls got a bit of a makeover, I think the last three I worked on look quite chic.

I also worked on more lavender scenters; sleeping angels, matrouskas, virtuous hearts and flowers. 

My crochet poppies now include orange, pink and purple flowers, as well as the usual red.

I have also been sorting through my greetings cards. Below is a selection of cards inspired by love, which I hope to work more on in the future.

Endnote: I have been planning on giving up social media for lent. I have scheduled posts in advance, so my blog can still get updated. I have recently got on better with my SmartPhone, and have uploaded more pictures onto Instagram, but I think I'll be OK without it. Avoiding FaceBook will probably be more of a challenge. I was originally thinking of giving up Liquorice Allsorts.

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