Saturday, 24 January 2015

In Concert

I was very pleased to take part in the NGhaSaid concert last October. It made me think of other times I have performed live sets, in music events around South East England. I used to perform my music live much more regularly than I have done in recent years.

I now mostly perform once a month at St. Mary's Church Informal Music Evening. I recently came across notes I'd written in the early nineties when I used to perform my songs about once a week at various folk clubs in and around London, on my own mostly but also with other people, other singers, a guitarist and a flautist.

I find performing in public, my music or anything else is a bit stressful, however if you do a good job and other people appreciate it, it can make you feel quite satisfied and pleased with yourself. These pictures showcase my music making on both sides of the millennium.

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