Thursday, 15 January 2015

Beatle Dreams

I didn't know much about the Beatles until John Lennon died. After he died his music and the music of the Beatles, seemed to be everywhere. I was soon a big fan, falling in love with songs like A day in the life, Strawberry Fields Forever, Eleanor Rigby, Blackbird, Penny Lane, In my life, Tomorrow never knows, Here comes the sun, the list goes on and on. I won the 1984 Feltham Art competition with this  painting of the Beatles in their Sergeant Pepper outfits. Below is a picture of my small collection of Beatles' memorabilia.
These are two copies I painted of the 'Illustrated Beatles' lyrics 'You won't see me' and 'There's a place' and also a sketch I drew of John Lennon which I'm quite fond of.

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