Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Bogginsthrops and other curiousities

I wrote the Bogginsthrops and other curiousities when I was a teenager and recently drew illustrations for each of the seven characters. The Bogginsthrops were a family of three brothers and one sister and the curiousities were their three friends. Below are brief descriptions of the seven characters, I may develop their stories further in the future.

1. George Bernard Shaw Bogginsthrop
'The neighbours didn't like the eccentric, hippi, vegetarian philanthropist who practised his sitar in the middle of the night and meditated whenever there was a convenient moment free from the worries of mankind.'

2. Emily Bronte Bogginsthrop
'Emily Bronte Bogginsthrop was a very nice, acceptable girl who tried hard to be a social misfit like her brothers.'

3. Edgar Allan Poe Bogginsthrop
'Edgar had only to pop his head round the front door and he would receive apprehensive glances from the neighbours who passed by, even from the lady who carried her pet albino rat underneath her fur hat.'

4. Walter de la Mare Bogginsthrop
'Walter was of a very nervous disposition, he chain smoked roll-ups and had a terrible railing cough.'

5. Ciggy
'Ciggy Fagash, otherwise known as Diaphragm Sam or just plain Dire, sang, mumbled, shrieked, snarled, screamed and generally played havoc with the unfortunate listener's eardrums, it was quite a feat in itself that the group managed to keep in time and occasionally in tune.'

6. Acid
'Acid was always in a bad mood and Emily sympathised with Ciggy for having a sister like that.'

7. Patti
'The girl had dark hair and pale skin, she wore dark clothes and was bony in places.'

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