Monday, 4 September 2017

Load of Hay Market

I wanted to do my twelfth craft stall before my long anticipated trip to New York in late October and so took part in the Load of Hay Market in South Ruislip on the first Sunday in September. I was hoping to have some time to arrange my craft stall with a little more flair than usual. We were a bit late, but I think the stall still looked slightly more artistic, I even changed it around a bit, about half way through.

After a slow start business picked up. An enthusiastic lady bought a number of items from me, a lavender owl and a lavender cat, a poppy brooch and several cards. A little girl was very interested in my lightest, brightest doll and a little boy bought a knitted purse.

The highlight for me was talking to the other crafters, especially the eclectic ladies next door to me (craftsbytopazmoon) and a Polish lady who crocheted exquisitely (mwojciechowska).

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