Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tube Tales on Wattpad


I am being more active on Wattpad in February and March. As well as developing my writing I am also developing my illustration and cover designs. The above two illustrations are for two stories called Magic and Underground. This is my blurb about the two stories.

Magic - While travelling home from work, one rainy afternoon, desolate Georgia finds that sometimes hope comes in small and surprising packages.

Underground - My new journey to work is great; ten stops on the tube and ten minutes walk at either end, I wonder what ten days of it will do to me?

I am posting my Underground story one day at a time for the next two weeks.

I also have two collections of poetry on Wattpad.

Teenage Troubles is a collection of five poems concerning various problems I encountered as a teenager from wayward youths, body issues, depressive thoughts, substance abuse and identity crises.

An Anatomy of Love features seven poems that represent decades of my thoughts and feelings about love and relationships. 

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