Sunday, 4 October 2015

Shadow Magazine

Shadow magazine lasted for four proper issues and a holiday special. I produced the magazines when I was about eleven and had just started at secondary school. The magazine was inspired by the girls' magazines I used to love at the time, particularly Jinty, Spellbound and especially Misty.

In the spring edition there was a cartoon mouse called Bernie, stories about cats and brothers, a feature on the zodiac, adverts for James Bond and Narnia and recipes. The summer issue featured a cartoon dog called Andy, an advert for Watership Down, a feature on special occasions, an agony aunt letters page, jokes and character descriptions.

In the Autumn there was a cartoon dog called Sammy Sniff, an advert for pyjamas, a short story called 'Girl on the pier' and a feature on the meaning of the months of the year. The Winter issue featured more Sammy Sniff, stories called 'The Ideal Present' and 'The Snowman' and a feature on owls.

The holiday special had more on the zodiac, adverts for boutique tissues and Miss Bianca, riddles and pictures of wildlife and tattoos. There were stories called Friend, After the Rain and Last Bus Home. 'Last Bus Home' I particularly enjoyed re-reading after all these years.

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