Monday, 6 October 2014

Concert for N-GHASaid

I had a really enjoyable evening, the night of the N-GHASaid concert on the 2nd October 2014. I hadn't been to the Northwick Park Hospital Social Club in years, it hadn't changed much and still has a traditional pub atmosphere. 

The proceedings got off to a slightly late start and then we were treated to a vocal and guitar duo, Charles on classical guitar and a poet, before it was my time to play my 'Music from the Movies' selection of piano pieces. Charles had bought his keyboard in for me to play and my piano teacher had suggested I purchase a universal sustain pedal, which would really enhance my performance. The pedal was a very good idea and I'm glad I made the detour via central London to get one. I was quite pleased with my performance and people said it sounded good, it would have really good if the keyboard had been touch sensitive and had one extra octave at the bottom.

After my tunes I was accompanied by my colleague, Kiran, and my daughter, Amy, who sang John Lennon's Imagine with me accompanying them on the keyboard. I was really pleased that my daughter had got up to sing, that was the highlight of my evening. After Imagine, we had Phillopino dancing interspersed with Kiran's Indian singing, both were excellent.

We had to go early as Amy had school in the morning, but my boss stayed on and won the raffle. In the morning I heard that we had managed to raise over £500 for the charity, so I was pleased with what we had achieved.


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