Friday, 28 February 2014

Dave the Cave

My poem 'Dave was a Caveman' came second in the Hounslow Poetry Competition and was also featured in my college magazine. I wrote it when I was fifteen about the teenage boys I was encountering at home and at school.

Dave was a Caveman by Lorna Wadge

Dave was a caveman in disguise
He wore dark glasses to hide his eyes
He was such a poor, pathetic sight
That people would ask 'Are you all right?'

Dave felt he was a slave to everyday matters,
With his hair uncombed and greasy
And his clothes in fading tatters,
Dave lit his cigarette and took a drag,
He sighed a sigh of deep depression
Which gave the impression
That he had brain-fag

Dave thought he could be a politician,
An artist, a poet or a rock musician
Dave thought he could act, he thought he could sing
But Dave you can't do anything

Dave thought he was important,
All knowing and all seeing
His mother said, 'Hey Dave,
Act more like a human being.
The neighbours will think there's something wrong.'
Of course they would have been right,
There was something wrong with everyone,
Dave had seen the light.

Dave was a cavemen, Dave was deep,
Dave was only happy when he was asleep,
He lived at the bottom of a dead end street,
Dave was a cavemen, Dave was a creep

Dave coud be defiant
When he was so incliend,
He fierecly made bold statements,
He stood up for his kind,
For forgotten adolescents
The world had left behind,
He spoke with fire and passion
And then he changed his mind.

Some people think he's civilised
Which cames as a surprise,
Considering that Dave
Was a caveman in disguise

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